Private lessons with Louka Kurcer, SFG2, SFB, FMS & Flexible Steel Instructor Specialist are available in our School for the Strong in the West Island of Montreal. Hardstyle Kettlebell private lessons are perfect for athletes who are looking to take very specific skills to the next level. It is also practical for those with an inflexible schedule. You can also request a semi-private class for a small group, see pricing below.

You live outside of Montreal?

Consider the new teleconference video training available with LIFT Session on your iPad or personal computer.

One on One

$120/hr p.p.

  • Buy 10 1-hour private sessions for $1200.00
  • Buy 20 1-hour private sessions for $2400.00

Small Group (2-3 people)
Private training for you and your friends!

$75/hr p.p.

  • (10) 1-hour semi- private sessions for 750.00

Group Class drop-in
10-15 people

$30/hr p.p.

  • 300.00 for 10 classes.
  • Multi-class passes are valid for 12 weeks.
  • Classes are 1 hour each.

Scheduling an Appointment

Call to schedule your next appointment.
Louka at 514-942-0467