the get-up pyramid

The Get-Up Pyramid

Try the Get-Up Pyramid out for a serious workout. Only one kettlebell needed!

Workout Instructions:

  • Perform a Get-Up to elbow, switch sides.
  • Without resting perform a Get-Up to your hand (tall sit), switch sides.
  • Then without rest, perform a Get-Up to the windmill position, switch sides.
  • After that perform it all the way to the lunge position (half-kneeling), then switch sides.
  • Finally, perform to full Get-Up and get-down. Now rest.

Start the process all over again, but working your way back starting from the standing overhead lock-out position.

  • Overhead reverse lunge to half kneeling, repeat both sides.
  • Then all the way to windmill and back up, both sides.
  • From the top all the way to the “tall sit”and back up again, both sides.
  • From the top all the way onto elbow and back up again, both sides.
  • Perform a full reverse Get-Up and back up and both sides.

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