Flexible Steel Instructor Certification Level 1 - Montreal

Flexible Steel Instructor Certification Level 1 – Montreal

Would you rather be tight and strong or flexible and weak? Choose to be both! Choose to be flexible steel!

Flexible Steel Instructor Certification Level 1

Tickets and Pricing

  • Early price of $399.00USD ends on February 25th 11:59 PM
  • Standard price of $499.00USD starts on February 26th 12:00 AM


  • Date: March 25, 2017
  • Time: 9am

Flexible Steel is a comprehensive training system whose main premise is to be both flexible and strong in perfect balance. In other words, do not be strong to the detriment of your flexibility and do not be flexible to the detriment of your strength. The Flexible Steel system borrows many ideas from other training modalities and seamlessly puts them into a logical, progressive order.

“Get more reach for your strength and more strength for your reach” -Alexey Senart

Flexible Steel

  • Learn the Flexible Steel system of body hacks that will allow you to show your students instant plateau shattering results in both strength and flexibility.
  • Get hands on instruction and be assured that you can implement the system safely and effectively.
  • Join the ranks of our International Flexible Steel Instructors for instant recognition and client referrals. Check out our team here: http://flexiblesteel.com/instructor-team.html
  • Receive the coveted and detailed Flexible Steel Instructor Manual that has all the formulas for unlocking troublesome stubborn inflexibility that is sapping your movement and power.
  • Learn Progressions and Regressions that make sense to everyone.

The techniques you learn will benefit the stiffest clients all the way to teaching the most amazingly flexible students to be even more strong and flexible. The system is scalable to pretty much all populations of clients. This is money in your pocket.

This course will be taught by Flexible Steel Instructor Specialist Louka Kurcer. Louka’s command of body strength and flexibility matters is inspiring. His coaching skills are outstanding. Come join him and the first cohort of Eastern Canadians certified as a Flexible Steel Instructor.

Go here for more amazing testimonials and information about being Flexible Steel: http://www.flexiblesteel.com/